Message from Dean

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the postgraduate programmes of the School of Graduate Studies (SoGS) at the University College of Management Studies (UCOMS).

At SoGS, we offer transformational education and research excellence, and rich programmes that are taught by well experienced academic faculty and professionals in their chosen fields. You will join an exciting community of academic scholars and practitioners with a global understanding and appreciation of today’s dynamic marketplace.

As a student of SoGS, you will be embarking on a life transforming educational journey that will go a long way to establish your professional career. We guarantee you that life-time discovery through our transformational education. You are therefore encouraged to be mentally ready to be challenged, and to make a difference in your community through exciting projects, case studies, and business games. At the end, you will be encouraged, motivated and inspired to excel in life.

SoGS’ blended academic and professional programme offers our students unmatched teaching and learning opportunities; supported by the state of the art teaching and learning technologies and e-resources. Since the success of a student is central to our mission, we introduced the student success advisor and students support services to help students with any issue they may face in the course of their studies. At SoGS, we pride ourselves on innovating sustainable and transformational education in Ghana since 1974 under the visionary founder, Dr. Sazrar Opata and visionary leadership of Professor John Bright Kobla Aheto.

We invite you to join our open days, public lectures and doctoral seminars at any of our campuses located in the heart of Ghana’s Capital City Accra, and the second largest city in Ghana, Kumasi. I am excited to be a part of SoGS. I hope you will consider applying for a postgraduate programme in our school.

Rev. Dr. Maxwell D. Y. Gakpo
Ag Dean, School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies

UCOMS School of Graduate Studies offers a world-class transformational education and research excellence that has a positive influence our communities.

The programmes of study at the School of Graduate Studies expose the learners to principles, concepts and theories, case study analysis, and business games.

The programmes also enhances industry practice and initiate creative and critical thinking in the areas of leadership, management, governance, entrepreneurship and research methodology; and the applications of academic knowledge and theories for managerial and organizational decision-making.

At UCOMS, the success of our students is our priority. The University College introduced the student success advisor model to mentor, guide and support our students towards a successful pursuit and completion of their programmes of study.

In addition, the student support unit offers a full scale academic and other support-related services to all students. Should you face any challenge whatsoever, please contact your student success advisor or reach out to the student support unit for assistance.

The programme is designed to support and guide graduate students towards pedagogic writing, and publishing through dissertation seminars and symposiums.

We encourage all graduate students to be punctual at the seminar series to enhance their research, communication and writing skills.

UCOMS School of Graduate Studies brings together a seasoned faculty with expertise and research focus in Research Methodology, Leadership & Governance, Management Science & Operations Research, Economics & Finance, Corporate Governance, Forensic Accounting, Auditing and fraud Examination.

UCOMS School of Graduate Studies offers Degrees leading to the awards of Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Master of Science (MSc.), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Arts (MA).

Programmes on offer at the UCOMS School of Graduate Studies

  • MBA in Logistics, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Governance and Finance
  • M.Sc. in Fraud, Forensic Accounting, and Auditing
  • M.Sc. in Intelligence and Security Management
  • MA in Governance, Leadership, and Development Studies
PhD in Business Administration

The PhD / Doctorate in Business Administration is the most advanced business degree.

The DBA is a practical combination of strong academic content, coupled with advanced business strategies and solutions.

The DBA is ideal for individuals on a high corporate level who wish to acquire an extensive academic and industry related exposure.

Learners are actively involved in academic research, socio-economic ideas, and business interests.

This dual degree program is also aimed at lecturers, assistant lecturers, teaching assistants and tutors at university colleges, and polytechnics who seek a thorough foundation for an academic career provided by a PhD degree.

PhD in Political Economy
The PhD / Doctorate in Political Economy is an extensive study of the political and diplomatic trends of today, requiring learned to have a solid background in the field both academically and professionally.

The program consists of courses which provide a broad spectrum of political international problems from the perspective of different parties involved.

The program targets individuals who wish to excel in this field of ever increasing importance and who wish to obtain an international perspective on their previous education and career experience.

It also is aimed at individuals wishing to give their career an academic direction, developing skills of applied research, political consulting and lecturing in the field of diplomacy/political science.

PhD in Marketing Management

The PhD / Doctorate in Management concentrates on exploring advanced management strategies and corporate governance issues assisting learners as they design, conduct and apply innovative and practice-oriented research.

The PhD / Doctorate of Management is ideal for individuals with high corporate level responsibilities requiring advanced management techniques.

This dual degree program is also aimed at lecturers, assistant lecturers, teaching assistants and tutors at university colleges, and polytechnics who seek a thorough foundation for an academic career provided by a PhD degree.

PhD in Finance
The PhD / Doctorate in Finance provides an in-depth study of the strategic financial issues in today’s economy and provides a solid base for conducting comprehensive research in the field.

The courses created and the issues raised typically have a theoretical, mathematical and business application.
The PhD / Doctorate of Finance is ideal for individuals with very strong financial backgrounds and previous financial education who wish to excel in this very dynamic field.

This dual degree program is also aimed at lecturers, assistant lecturers, teaching assistants and tutors at university colleges, and polytechnics who seek a thorough foundation for an academic career provided by a PhD degree.
Programme Structure & Duration
The PhD is a four (4) year programme spread over 8 semesters for flexibility. The taught courses are taken during weekends only.

The programme is structured in three (3) stages:

1. Foundation Stage: This stage is covered in one semester.
2. Specialization Stage: This stage is covered in two semesters.
3. Dissertation & Defense Stage: This is the final stage of the programme, covering five (5) semesters.

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