This programmes are designed to meet the needs of a dynamic sector. It blends core courses in business and management studies with specific, specialized modules that draw on our extensive experience in hospitality and tourism.

This will provide students the knowledge and skills to thrive in the hospitality and tourism industry; as well as a range of skills that can be applied to a variety of managerial and entrepreneurial roles. Taught by seasoned faculty, we pride ourselves in creating an educational environment for the programme that encourages students to grow professionally.

Our approach combines theory and practice in a way that gives students the chance to apply their knowledge, making use of case studies, business simulations and site visits. The faculty prepares students who have chosen Hospitality and Tourism as their career for entry level management positions and leadership roles.

This goal will be accomplished through a commitment to student learning and development marked by high expectation, standards of conduct and performance, excellence in instruction, and exposure to the critical issues in the industry and successful industry professionals and practices.

Other specific objectives of the Faculty include but not limited to;

  • Train high caliber personnel to meet the human resource needs of the fledgling hospitality and tourism industry in the country;
  • Provide opportunity for people, including hospitality and tourism practitioners to upgrade their professional knowledge and proficiency in hospitality and tourism management;
  • Facilitate the career progression of personnel in the hospitality and tourism industry through exposure to best practices in the industry;
  • Enhance students’ theoretical and practical knowledge of issues relating to hospitality and tourism;
  • Prepare students for further studies and
  • Assist students to develop an affinity for globalization and increasing inter-dependence of peoples and cultures.

Programme Specialisations

The university will award the following certificates depending on the area of specialisation

  1. BSc. Tourism Management (Travel and Tour Management Option)
  2. BSc Hospitality Management (Hotel Management Option)
  3. BSc Hospitality Management (Food and Beverage Management Option)
  4. BSc Hospitality Management (Events Management Option)

 Duration of Programme

The time limits for the completion of programmes are as follows:

Entry Level              Duration                

Level 100                 4 years                                         

Level 200                 3 years                                        

Level 300                 2 years                

Accra Campus

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Kumasi Campus

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