Student Information

A Candidate admitted into the Degree Programme must normally complete eight (8) Semesters of study and accumulate a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) credits to qualify for a Degree. These regulations may be varied by the Academic Board of the University which UCOMS is affiliated.

Dress Code

Students are advised to dress decently because UCOMS as a Business / Management oriented
University College seek to produce personalities who are being trained as would-be Business Managers / Executive.


Course Description

This supplementary information is very necessary for students to observe. That the Levels 100 and 200 courses of study have lots of different modules which are General Studies and compulsory for all students. This two-year Programme offers a good preparation to students to have a feel of their major Course of Study and enhance effective selection of what Programme to study at their Levels 300 and 400.


Admission Session

We admit students in September and January within each Academic Year. Student Support Services
Students are provided with personal tutors who will talk to them about anything from their academic progress to personal issues.


Students Advisers

We also have a Student Advisory Team as an integral part of our mission to deliver high-quality student experience. Our Student Advisers have a comprehensive knowledge of the support structures available at the University College. The Student advisers’ priority is to help get the most out of life at UCOMS.


International Students

We provide information on a range of issues from immigration requirements to Tuition Fees and others which while studying in Ghana.



We provide free confidential Counseling Services in a relaxed friendly setting where you can talk freely to an experienced professionally qualified counsellor.


Discount Schemes

The Discount Scheme is established to support old students of UCOMS (formerly IMS) who spent not less than two years of professional studies at the Institute and wish to pursue an undergraduate programme. The amount paid will be equivalent to 10% of the student's Fees. Past students enrolling their Wards shall be eligible to enjoy the special concession of the 10% Discount Scheme.