Executive Development Courses


Certificate Courses

  • Early Childhood Education –[2months]
  • Credit Risk Analysis and Lending (Microfinance, Savings & Loans and Banks) – [3months]
  • Insurance marketing – [ 2months]
  • Forex Bureau Management & Forex Trading- [3months]
  • Theory of Interest and Investment [1 month]
  • Decision making, planning and strategist [2months]
  • Effective groups and Team management skills [2months]
  • Emotional Intelligence and managerial behaviour [2months]


Center short Diploma Courses of external certification

  • Forex Trading, Technical Analysis and Risk Management- [6-24months]
  • Commodity Trading and Technical Analysis [6- 24months]
  • Stocks market Trading, Analysis and brokership- [6-24months]
  • Bond market Rating and Trading Analysis [6-12months]
  • Lean management & Economics- [2month]


Executive Courses

  • Quality Negotiation Skills [5 days]
  • Effective Project Proposal Writing [3 days]
  • Effective Grant Proposal writing [6 days]
  • Questionnaires Development and Data Analysis [7 days]
  • Research Methodology Training [21 days]
  • Data analysis, interpretation & modelling [30 days]
  • Managing Organizational Conflicts and Politics [7 days] 
  • Micro-Effective Procurement Strategies for SME's [14 days]
  • Hospitality & Management for Cruise Ship Recruitment [6months]
  • Customer relation that works in the minds and hearts of clients [7 days]
  • Graphic Design and Information Technology [21 days]

[Note] Any of the courses outlined, has its own requirement for admission, hence enquire from the secretariat to be assisted for easy application and it related affordable fees. Forms for registration is Gh50.00


Classes are either morning from 10:00am-12:00 OR Evening 6:00pm-8:00pm, 2days or more active lectures in a week depending on the course model and content

Admission fees ranges from Gh500-3,500 depending on the kind of course taken and the duration required to complete the course. Matriculation for Certification are included but at a different package under the University registry regulations.