The UCOMS Ethics Center is to assist our Undergraduate, Masters and Ph. D students with their understanding of ethical issues and theories.  We do this by discussing articles, ethical theories, or thought experiments that were presented in a classroom.  Center staff supplements classroom content by explaining it in a different way than the student originally learned it, or simply by spending some extra one-on-one time with the student.

The Center also offers students, paper help.  Any student is encouraged to stop by The Center to discuss their paper.  We are happy to offer suggestions on how to write clearly and concisely, and on how to strengthen arguments. 

For Faculty and Graduate students, The Center hosts a Work In Progress (WIP) series.  The purpose of the WIP is to share current work and to get constructive feedback from Graduate students and Faculty members in an informal setting. Suitable presentations include, but are not limited to: potential thesis topics, thesis outlines, Professional and Graduate student conference paper topics/ideas, and/or current research projects or interests. Presentations may range in completion from the very early stages of brainstorming up to polished papers and may take the form of a talk, a summary of an outline, a set of rough, preliminary ideas or questions, etc. The idea is to share work at whatever stage of development and to improve it via discussion.